Geothermal Technology Benefits Homeowners

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Geothermal Technology

With more than 20 years of experience in various aspects of the pharmaceutical industry, Taunia Markvicka recently served as the chief commercial officer of Symbiomix Therapeutics, and various commercial leadership roles formerly at Pacira Pharmaceuticals, The Medicines Company, Allergan, and Novartis. In her most recent position, she provided market analysis, strategic planning, and company leadership to support funding, strategic partners for the pharmaceutical company, and commercial leadership for FDA approval for their lead asset, Solosec. Taunia Markvicka and her family are involved in a variety of environmental causes and have determined to live a lifestyle that embraces responsible stewardship of their energy consumption. Accordingly, they have installed a geothermal heating system into their home in New Jersey.

Widely acknowledged as the greenest, most efficient, and cost-effective heating and cooling system on the market, geothermal systems can help homes maintain a consistent temperature throughout the year. The technology is widely used in China, Sweden, New Zealand, and Iceland but has been slow to gain popularity in the United States.

Since tax credits are often available for renewable energy installations, advocates of geothermal heating and cooling hope that more American homes will embrace the systems. Many homeowners have found that they can save up to 70 percent on their heating and cooling costs with the long-term use of geothermal systems.