Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Names 2018 Woman of the Year


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Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association

Taunia Markvicka, with a doctor of pharmacy and MBA, has spent more than two decades in leadership roles with pharmaceutical companies throughout New Jersey. Similar to the 2018 Woman of the Year, Taunia Markvicka belongs to professional organizations such as the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA), supporting public advocacy, and working on medicines for the most common gynecologic infection. Dr. Markvicka, actively participates and support organizations that provide leadership development for women in healthcare.

Formed more than 40 years ago in the northeastern United States, the HBA has evolved into one of the most prominent global nonprofit organizations devoted to the support and professional development of women in the healthcare field. The organization currently serves more than 9,000 individual members through a combination of networking events, educational opportunities, and advocacy for gender equality in the healthcare professions.

To recognize distinguished members of the organization, the HBA maintains an annual awards program that honors outstanding mentors, rising stars in the field, and other accomplished women. The group’s most prestigious honor is its Woman of the Year award, given each year to a woman in the health care professions who consistently serves as an inspiration to her peers.

In 2018, the Woman of the Year award went to Dr. Julie Gerberding, an executive for Merck & Co., Inc. Dr. Gerberding was recognized for her longtime leadership in the public health community, including her guiding role in modernizing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and her global reputation as one of the foremost experts on infectious disease and public health.